Margaux Matrix

Monaco Circuit Analysis 2005-2014


Margaux Matrix was commissioned to analyse the Monaco Circuit for all branded exposure from circuit signage during the annual F1 race.  Further analysis was undertaken to rank the most effective signage locations around the track.

Margaux Matrix Analysis

Margaux Matrix extracted the data for circuit signage from its own F1 brand exposure report, which has captured every brand seen at every Grand Prix since the start of the 2004 season.

This data was then further analysed in detail to the client information on the exposure according to circuit location, signage type and even from which TV camera the exposure was gained.  This gave the client a valuable insight into how the exposure for each sponsor brand was gained.  Margaux Matrix also completed an analysis of its opinion of which circuit locations represented areas where signage could be added or the existing signage improved.

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The owners of the Monaco Circuit have used this data to identify sections of the circuit that are most valuable and effective to their advertisers. They have also used it to identify areas of the circuit that could be utilised for advertising.


Reports are available in PDF, Excel, Powerpoint or hard copies.

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