Margaux Matrix
Margaux Matrix is an independent media monitoring company supplying clients with exposure data from the televised events that sponsors are involved with. We supply information using our own standard quality criteria to allow clients to make informed judgements as to their achieved ROI and those of the other sponsors at the events in question.

We concern ourselves with the facts only and believe that our clients should be the ones making the judgements on what is good, bad or indifferent. We work with a number of brand owners and agencies alike who value the integrity of our data as the key basis on which to judge any sponsorship exposure. A client can use their own valuations or those that we source from independent suppliers (usually major media buyers).

We can supply top line or in-depth analysis depending on requirements and deliver in a variety of formats including examples of brands in situ. Above all we are prepared to back-up our analysis with verification discs of a client's exposure.

Outlined below are some of the areas that we work in together with some examples of the varieties of events and broadcast material we analyse.


Margaux Matrix uses bespoke image recognition software from Magellan™ at the heart of its processes. We have been tracking client's logos and brands in broadcast footage since 2004. Our systems are constantly evolving in our quest to provide the best services available. We are now wholly owned by Omniperception™ the owner and designer of Magellan™ which places us firmly at the cutting edge of any future technological innovations.

Simple philosophy

The Margaux Matrix philosophy is simple:
Quality analysis of broadcast content + independent valuations = informed client decisions on ROI.

Our experience of running this type of analysis means that we offer not only consistency over time but a valuable comparative database for clients to use in making decisions on their brands return from these events. This depth of data and experience is being used to change clients' engagements with events involving TV exposure, for example size of logos, positioning, locations and even whether potential spaces should be utilised.